Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Does Satan Look Like?

 Today we talked to an investigator who taught me more than I taught her.  She asked us this question during our visit:  What does Satan look like?” 

She answered it herself.  “He’s beautiful.  SO beautiful.  No horns and tail.  He is beautiful like that girl, the blonde, 100-pound model on the Harley eating a greasy cheeseburger in the commercial.  He is beautiful like her, and he lies beautifully.  He says we can do things without consequence.  Like the girl—she could never eat that cheeseburger and be that thin.  We want to be that girl, but we eat the cheeseburger, and for us, there are consequences.  We get fat.  And when we get fat, we wonder what is wrong with us?  Why can’t we do what she does and look like her?  Because that is how Satan lies.  He is beautiful.

Yeah, she said that.  And I was in Kentucky to hear that.  Missionaries aren’t always the missionaries.

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