Monday, January 27, 2014

Bone Chilling Cold

Yep. It snowed in Lexington. You would think that the world was ending by the way all the schools shut down and every appointment we had called and cancelled on us... but no... it was just SNOW. And not even an inch!! It has been REALLY cold though. The rumors are true, the cold here gets right to your bones. It literally hurts if it's below freezing. Humidity is definitely not my favorite thing. About the shotgun: heck yeah! I'm so excited!! I'm also way worried that someone out here is gonna offer to take me shooting and I'm not gonna have the willpower to say no!  #MyLeastFavoriteMissionaryRule   

This week has been a little slow because of the weather. Literally everyone cancels on us, and then no one wants to answer their door. But some good things have happened too. We did two exchanges this week with the two sets of sisters living in Buena Vista. For the first one I stayed in Lexington with Sister Shreeve. She is so awesome! We got to visit I---- who keeps saying she'll come to something and then doesn't.... BUT on the bright side, she told us she's been reading the Book of Mormon EVERY night! 

Wednesday we volunteered at RARA (Rockbridge Area Relief Association- it's a food pantry) and that's where the random text came from! There was a man volunteering there who lives in Buena Vista but is actually from Utah, and he LOVES missionaries. He took a picture of us and got our mom's numbers so he could text the picture to you. He said he does that whenever he runs into a missionary! I love people like that!  

Thursday was a Collierstown day. I live for Collierstown days. Something about that place, it just feels like home. Whenever we're out there, I KNOW that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. We were supposed to have dinner with T---- and S---- that night but they were sick so they had to cancel :(  A week doesn't really feel complete anymore unless we get to see T---- and S----. It honestly feels like going to Grandma's house every Sunday growing up. It's a second home, with family, and a week just isn't a week unless you go there. 

Friday I went on another exchange in Buena Vista with the Rockbridge sisters. I got to spend the day with Sister Isobe. She's Asian and I LOVE her! We got along super well and it was a really fun day. We got to visit with a less active man and we talked about trucks and cars for like an hour. I was definitely sent to the right mission. Being a missionary is just so crazy. I met about eight people that day and shared ideas and thoughts that are so close to my heart with them and fell in love with them. All in one day. 

Saturday we volunteered again at RARA and I met a man I just loved. I gave him our card and invited him to the open house. I hate that out here I just fall in love with people so fast, and so many times I only get to see them once and then they're gone. I really hope that I'll be able to find those people in heaven. Saturday night we had a really interesting lesson with a girl named J-----. She's looking for answers about her close friend who took his own life in December. It was a intense lesson, but she is really set in her ways, so we'll see what happens there. 

This week was super hard to write about. It was a really slow week, but I'll send some pictures instead! 


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