Monday, April 28, 2014

Hillbilly Days

Hillbilly days was definitely the highlight of this week. We got to go with the B-------s, an older couple we are teaching who have taken in all the Pikeville missionaries as their new grandchildren. B------ B----- introduced us to everyone and their dog who were there and it was just a blast!

I can't accurately describe Hillbilly days to you in words, because really, no words can describe it!  You're in luck though, because I took tons of pictures! There was moonshine and hillbillies and fried food as far as the eye could see. They close down the main streets in Pikeville and the place is just piled with food and vendor tents. EVERYTHING is fried. I had the glorious opportunity of trying a deep fried oreo there (and I wonder why I'm gaining weight!  #LoveTheSouth #FriedFood #TheMissionAddition ) and I had some of the best freshly squeezed lemonade in the world! All the food there was delicious!

The sweet B-----s also bought us all Hillbilly Days shirts! Mine has a
confederate flag on it. . . . #HillbillyStatus. We got to meet and talk to a ton of new people and get our names out there a little bit and it was really cool! But really, the pictures will have to help explain everything that Hillbilly Days was. Needless to say, I'm definitely coming back here when I'm off the mish for this!

Fried Oreos!

Branch Building 

District Meeting


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