Monday, February 2, 2015

Our District Stays Together


Well, we got the transfer news. We're both staying.

This area is heavenly and it is such a blessing to be here in Bluefield. The members and investigators here make me so so so happy. I'm grateful for my district, too. My district leader is anti-district-meetings-in-a-church, which is so good for me! We got to hike last week, and we will probably have another outside meeting this week! My district leader and his companion are coming to blitz our area so that will be super good too! He's such a good DL.  

Remember the girl I got to talk to when we did a booth at Marshall University?  Well, I got the following message from Elder Steed, and it made me so happy:

“Hey, just thought you would like to hear this. We were helping do the Marshall booth and a girl walked up to us and said that she talked to a blond haired sister missionary and you gave her a card and she said that she checked out the website and then chatted with the missionaries on and she was really interested. We got all her info and were going to teach her. So that was awesome! Keep up the good work.”

We hiked to this lake near Wytheville, Virginia
Our District is staying together!
Larson, Davis, Lichtenstein, Garrett, Johnson
Elder Garret NOT jumping with me, haha

Fine, I will jump all by myself

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