Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happiness. . . and Ghost Tours

am so happy. Really, truly, deeply happy. And you know what, I'm so glad you can tell people I'm happy and doing well, because  it's completely 100% true.

My email will be short because we had a big storm today and had to email late because we weren't allowed to drive cars for most of the day. We deep cleaned the apartment for literally hours. I don't think there has ever been a cleaner missionary apartment!

This week has been awesome. We set the coolest family ever on date for baptism. So M----- and her daughter B----- have come to church a few times with the H----s, a family in our ward, and so we wanted to teach them.  Well, we finally got an appointment to teach them at the
H----'s home. First let me tell you a little about the H----s. They are as country, and as Southern, as it gets. I can't wait to go to their home again because I HAVE to get pictures. They live in a cabin way up this dirt road, literally on top of a mountain. Sister H---- feeds the deer every night and we got to see them all come out to eat. You walk inside their cabin and it feels like you've gone back a hundred years, but in the best way. They fed us fried chicken and mashed potatoes (so Southern) the night we came, and they somehow just made us feel so at home

I swear I knew Brother H---- in another life, and more than that, I swear he must go to Rendezvous!  I'll take some pictures and do some more explaining next time, but just know that it was probably the highlight of my week, getting to go there. Not only because
during dinner the little girl, B----, turns to me and says, "So what do I need to do to get dunked?" (There isn't a better line for a missionary to hear,) but because it felt so right, it felt like home, and like I was with family. Being all the way across the country from the only home you've ever known, getting even just a taste of that feeling really makes a difference. 

( M----- will have to give up a few things to make their March 22 baptisimal date. If you want someone to pray for.... pray for her. I know she can do it, but it will be so hard. I love her so much already. I wish you could meet her. She's literally like 4 foot 11. Maybe I'll have a picture of her dressed all in white soon :) )

Last p-day we went on a hike!!!! You have no idea how much that made my day!!!  A hike! Virginia is so gorgeous! I can't wait to come back here some day and hike these hills all day! It was gorgeous and I SO needed a little mountain air. I was starting to think I would die
without it! 

Sister Tripp, Elders Moffett, Proctor, Blake, and Ostler, Me

Also last p-day we got to go on a Ghost Tour of Lexington that one of our ward members, J--- H-----, did for us. There is so much history in Lexington! I didn't know this until the tour, but all the sidewalks are done in these special bricks that are called Lexington brick, and it's only in Lexington. That sounds lame now that I'm typing it, but they are way sweet. We also got to see Robert E. Lee's old house and Stonewall Jackson's grave.  Fun fact: the post office in Lexington is also the only post office in the United States that doesn't say "post office" on it.

Lexington Ghost Tour

Stonewall Jackson Cemetery at Night

We are also working with this really awesome 25-year-old girl who owns a horse farm. She's so great. We watched "The Restoration" with her last night and we are really looking forward to what will happen with her.

We got to have dinner with T---- and S---- this week too. Gosh. I can't explain how much I love them.  Scott also taught our gospel principles class this week and he did an amazing job!!!! Gah! They just make me so dang happy!!!! 

I'm so glad I came on my mission!

I Love Lexington!


Elder Blake's Birthday Lunch

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