Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hog Wild Trail Run

My Mission in a Picture--Happy to the Core.

I'm glad you mentioned Grandpa and the Cabin. I'm so glad he's going up there. I'm kicking myself so hard for not making it up with him last summer. I've noticed on my mission how I leave little pieces of my heart in all the places I love.  One of the biggest pieces of my heart I left at Bridger Lake.

So this was quite an interesting week. It started off with a district meeting in Paintsville. We had another testimony around the campfire district meeting, which made me SUPER happy. Elder Prince, my new District Leader, is from Cardston, Canada. He has a pretty nice Browning hoodie, so he's pretty cool ;)  Also, my trainer Sister Boldrin was there! It was a lovely reunion!  She is so funny; I really did miss that crazy girl!

Tuesday was Zone Conference back in good old Ashland. We got to drive our lovely Nissan Frontier the whole way there! Everyone is pretty jealous of our truck, and with good reason.

Saturday this week will go down as one of the happiest days of my mission. I GOT TO RUN A 10K ON THE TRAILS OF PIKEVILLE!!!!!  AAAAAAA!!!  B----- invited us and we got it approved by our District Leader (as long as we wore our tags and gave out mormon.org cards, haha!) It was heavenly! We ran on the Bob Amos Park trails.  It did make me miss running on my Bountiful trails real bad though. Sometimes I dream about running up to Elephant Rock. I think enough of my sweat and blood and tears are on that trail at this point, that I'm pretty much part of it. Tell Bridger to take care of it for me. It was also kind of cool to see that I could still run 10K. Not like it's much, but it was good to know I'm not completely out of shape.

We ended our week with three member referrals.  Those always turn out well, and I am really happy because it means the members trust us as missionaries.

At the End of The Hog Will Trail Run 10K

Sweet Kentucky
A Favorite Investigator
A Little Gospel and Porch Sittin'
Kentucky Roads

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