Monday, May 19, 2014

The Voice

Easter at the C--------r's 

So it's been quite the week out here in these here hills. The week started off with a bang,  when we took a little road trip out to McCarr, a little "town" on the Kentucky/West Virginia border, trying to contact a media referral. So we're driving along, following the GPS as it takes us deeper and deeper into the hills of Kentucky. (Which are insanely beautiful right now by the way. I honestly had no idea God created this many shades of green. I can understand why people here have lived here for generations and generations. I guess these hills just get in your blood.) 

Anyway, we're driving along, and after we stopped on the side of the road for a bathroom break (NOWHERE has public restrooms out here, and there wasn't even anywhere that would have had even a remote chance of having bathrooms out where we were . . . so, you do what you have to, ya know?  #MissionLife  #WelcomeToTheWVCM) The GPS leads us to this little tiny trailer out in the middle of nowhere. The first thing we notice about this lovely home, is the wolf in front of it. I've never seen a dog in my life that looked as much like a wolf as that dog did. So we pull over, say a prayer that we won't be eaten by the wolf, and head over to the trailer. 

Everything was nice and muddy from the rain earlier that day, and we picked our way up to the front door dodging everything from random items of clothing, to car parts, to beer cans . . . you name it, it was there. So we get up to the screened-off porch, and we hear a TV inside. We knock . . . and we hear the door to the screened-off porch open, but we can't see the person who opened it, because a big black thing is covering the part of the screen we would need to see through to see this person. Then . . . we hear this voice. Now, this isn't just any voice, this is a voice of a horror movie. My first thought was "Oh fetch. We've found Satan." The voice was gravel-y, and sounded like it was the voice of a monster off a cartoon, or Batman or something, and it said, "What do you want?" 

Gosh, I so wish I had it recorded so you could hear what it sounded like. I was honestly ready to book it out of there, no joke. But good old Sister Morgan, with 14 months of weird missionary experiences behind her, puts on a smile and tells them happily that we're the missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we are looking for Willis. Then the voice says, "Willis. They want you." I wanted to run more than ever now. You have no idea how creepy that voice was! It felt like I was in some scary movie or something! Anyway, Willis comes to the door, which we have to untie from the outside with a little string that was wound around the door and a nail on the side of the trailer. We talk to Willis--who really just wanted a bible and wasn't interested in what we had to say--give him a Book of Mormon, and leave. When we get back in the truck, needless to say, we laughed for a good long time.

Yummy Easter

C------- Kids, real and adopted!

Eating at the Pig in a Poke

Welcome to Pikeville!

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