Monday, July 14, 2014


I survived the transfer to Morgantown!  My new companion is Sister Long from Provo. My first Sunday in the Morgantown Ward I'm sitting feeling all lonely because the first days in new wards as a missionary are always a little lonely. And then the meeting starts and this beautiful man comes and sits down to my left on the next pew over. I kind of look over at him and do a double take. He looks JUST like B------ Wilcox's dad, who taught my mission prep. class. But I think, "No way, that's impossible. He's just a member." But the whole meeting I keep looking over at this guy and I'm thinking, "no way... this is definitely Brother Wilcox." At one point he catches me staring at him and gives me a big smile and I'm like, "Oh. My. Heck. This can't be real. Because it really is him!" 

After the meeting I stand up and he gives me that big smile again and still stunned, I can't think of anything better to say, so I say, "Uh.... what are you doing here?" (You would think that after dealing with people non-stop every day I would have more imagination than that... but no. I'm still just the same.) He proceeds to tell me how he works out here for a few weeks at a time and so he goes to church out here when he's working! We got to talk about how B------ is doing and it was SO nice! I really, really wanted to hug him, which was weird because I don't really even know him and I'm not allowed to hug men... but it was just like a little piece of home was sent to me exactly when I needed it! He texted our Stake President and told him he ran into me. I saw him a few times throughout the rest of the meetings and every time I couldn't keep this huge ridiculous smile off my face because I was just SO happy to see him! I love my West Bountiful family so much. I really do come from such a good town.

Elder Maxwell (J----- Maxwell who I graduated with) is in the other ward in our building and so is Sister Reed from the MTC! I'm so happy she's here! This morning I got to cut the tops off onions at this hippie dude's farm with Sister Reed and her companion!  Gardening with this wonderful guy was just what I needed. It made me so happy!

Sister Long with a Goat.  Welcome to the WVCM.

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