Monday, September 15, 2014



If you think having one companion that you have to work with and be in sight and sound of 24-7 sounds hard. . . try having two!!!!  Just kidding! My new companions, Sister Simmons and Sister Snyder are the best!

It's a bit of an adjustment being in a tripanionship, though. The first big issue was finding a place for us all to sleep in our little apartment. The Zone Leaders had to find us a spare mattress, and our bedroom is so small that the only way we can fit all the beds in is by squishing them together. You can't get to the closet unless you stand on the beds---but hey, at least we have a place to sleep, right? And for the moment, Sister Snyder's closet is the living room. . . #MissionLife

We've already had some really amazing experiences together. We had the opportunity to offer one of our investigators a priesthood blessing. The Zone Leaders were able to come over and give a beautiful blessing to a woman we are teaching who was going through a lot of pain. Before the blessing even started her husband said, "Can you feel that?? Can you feel the spirit in this room?? It's almost electric!" We COULD feel it. It was a beautiful blessing and the spirit was so strong.

Doing service/having fun last transfer
Sometimes we sort garlic
Sometimes we burn stuff

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