Monday, October 6, 2014

The Promised Land

West Virginia - The State Animal is Roadkill


Transfers!  God has delivered me from bondage!!! I'm leaving Babylon and being sent to the promised land of Huntington, West Virginia! (Seriously though, I loved Morgantown, but they really do call it Babyon in the mission.)  I'm going from the number one party school in the U.S. to one of the biggest drug cities in the U.S.. I'm so excited! My companion, Sister Snyder, was trained by Sister Tripp in Huntington, and they both have only had amazing things to say about the area. I'm excited to be staying in West Virginia, and excited to get to be close to Kentucky—only about a half hour away! We'll get to see the Kentucky zone at all our big conferences. There is just such a soft place in my heart for Kentucky. #KentuckyKid

Huntington is home to Marshall University and they say if I wear my West Virginia University stuff down there they'll jump me! I am so excited though. I will actually be living across the river in Proctorville, Ohio, because that is where the apartment is. 

 My companion will be Sister Maddox.  I’ve been on exchanges with her when I was STL-ing in Lexington.  We had a REALLY good exchange and I’m so excited to have her as a companion!  I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Lytle, Snyder, and Shreeve

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