Monday, April 6, 2015

Hard on the Heart


So... I'll be seeing you NEXT WEEK. That makes me want to puke sort of. Yesterday was my last Sunday dinner at the M--------s, so I'm kind of heartbroken right now. I'm starting to have a lot of "lasts" and it's getting uncomfortable. 

This week we were driving home with J----- and J------ from an Easter program in Radford, Virginia and J--- was asking if we would ever come back and talking about how they will always have an extra room for us.  Then the conversation kind of died down and I'm just watching the Virginia hills fly by outside the window of J----'s big truck, sitting next to one of the best friends I've ever had, and I was just so in love with these people and this place... and then J---- said, "Ya know you don't have to leave at all. Just stay here with us. That extra bed is just sitting there." And my heart broke. 

It's a good thing y'all are in Utah, or I really think I might never come back.  
I love this mission.

We kind of can't resist the tractors

Me and John Deere.  Oh, and Elder Bingham.

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