Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Right Place


I love Mondays and hearing what the week was like at home and reflecting a little on my own week. Things sound so good at home, and they are so good here.  I met Elder Christofferson! The meeting he had with the missionaries was SO good.

We also spent a lot of the day with J------ and J----- doing some service then making dinner over a fire at their house! So fun!

 E------ and B------ came to church! They are this awesome older couple, and Sister Reed and I adore them.  They are coming along so well and they are amazing. They gave us some fish they caught for us to cook and it was SO yummy! Last week E----- went to their usual church and she told us she just felt like she wasn't in the right place, so this week they came to ours!   

Sorry my emails are getting so short, we have an appointment and have to run.  We are using part of our d-days to cram in more teaching while we can!

Elder Trujillo

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