Monday, January 5, 2015

District Meeting in a Cave

Sister Lichtenstein, Me, Elder Garrett, Elder Davis
Elder Johnson, Elder Larson


We went caving for our district meeting! We had a great spiritual meeting in this cave, and after the meeting we did a little exploring and it was one of the most fun things of my life. It was actually super claustrophobic and they were going through teeny tiny spaces and it was sort of freaking me out a lot, but the elders were super helpful. At the end as we were going back out I touched the wall and it starts squeaking . . . so I'm thinking, “that's weird,” and Elder Garrett is behind me and starts cracking up, so I look where I had touched and there's a bat!!!!! I totally put my hand on bat!  

We also got to do service this week with a guy in our ward helping him tear down this old movie theater! It was a blast! We helped take up carpet and the elders were flying all over up on scaffolding tearing down stuff on the walls. It was hilarious to see how happy the destruction made them. Afterwards we had a fun dinner all together at Brother S---------‘s. This really is the coolest area ever. Our ward made these HUGE Christmas boxes for each missionary filled with food and treats and stuff. The members here take such good care of us!

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