Saturday, March 28, 2015

Not Sure I Can Leave


Hearing about homecomings and all that is going on at home is surreal. Coming out here made it seem like the world stopped back home, but then I realize it really didn't, and my sister got married, and a lot of things will be different. Something inside of me kind of revolts every time I think about leaving this place. I'm so excited to come home, but I'm not sure I can leave, if that makes any sense. 

Our week here in Bluefield has been incredible, as per usual :) The weather is starting to warm up a bit which is so exciting I can hardly stand it! We're going to be without a car for half this week because we took it in this morning to get it fixed, but I'm excited to get out and enjoy this weather and there are so many more opportunities to meet people when you're on foot. This last week I went on exchange to Blacksburg with Sister Erickson, an AWESOME girl from Star Valley, Wyoming! We had so much fun and saw some sweet miracles!

This week we get to drive to Charleston to hear Elder Christofferson speak!!! I can't wait!!!

Bluefield High


High School Spanish didn't prepare me for this!

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