Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do You Want This Dead 'Possum?


Sometimes we're at correlation at the M-------'s and we have to go out and move our car so Bishop can get his tractor through... but when we went outside Bishop already got the tractor through and is walking up the drive, and when we ask him if we need to move our car he says, "No, but do you want this dead 'possum?" 
Of course, I said yes.

So everyone is making jokes about us being trunky (thinking about home and wanting to go home) and we make jokes too, but actually, Sister Reed and I are so focused!  She said something beautiful the other night, she was like, "We can't be trunky, it's impossible, because we're already home."

This was an awesome night. J---- decided to get out all his guns to show us. (He keeps tempting me to shoot them, which we're not allowed to do, so pray that I'll be able to be strong, haha!) So he's showing us all his guns and he pulls out J-----'s Benelli and hands it to me, so I put it up to my shoulder to see how it feels and he gets this big smile, and I'm like, "What?" thinking he's about to make fun of me. But instead, he proceeds to tell me he was happy that I didn't hold it like most girls and try to stand behind it and that I leaned into it and everything. My response was, "This ain't my first rodeo" ;)  So here's a big thank you to dad for teaching me not to shoot like a girl. Who knew it would be so helpful on my mission ;)
I can't express how much I love these two families

Correlation fell on our anniversary day again--17 months!

What happens when you send 18-year-olds on a mission

The last picture together

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