Monday, March 23, 2015

God's Love is Like Gravity

Helping an investigator stack wood.


It has been such a productive week!  We taught so many lessons!  We also found a new guy who just moved here who is SO sincere.  I'm happy beyond belief and miracles are happening!

The closer I get to the end of my mission, the more my soul is kind of rejecting the whole idea. The other night I was brushing my teeth, looking in the mirror, and I was just like, "I'm Sister Lytle now. It's who I am. This is what I do." Home life almost seems like it was just a dream. 

I am so excited to share what I've learned doctrine-wise with y'all when I get home! I haven't shared much of that in my letters, but it's incredible! I understand the gospel on a whole new level, and I can't wait to share it with you! I have notebook upon notebook filled with amazing things I've learned.

I was looking through my old journals and I found where I had written about the second time we went back  to see S------.  He said, "I didn't think you would really come back." 
Now think about that in terms of God's love. . .
Like a lady in Huntington said,  "God's love is like gravity. We can deny it, we can pretend it's not there, but it will always bring us back." 

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