Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sometimes We Teach, and Sometimes We Butcher Hogs

(If you find this photo disturbing, you should skip this post. . .)

We had such an incredible week!!! We found new people to teach! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! We also got to butcher hogs with Brother M------! In addition to that, we went on exchanges this week and I was with Sister Hutchings again and it was heavenly!  Today we are singing at another funeral.  (This makes the third funeral to sing at on my mission, and I don’t even sing!)

I am sending you a bunch of pictures of the butchering.  I was worried about it, but it was good.  The first day they killed the hogs, and the second day we cut and wrapped. Brother M------ had a blast showing us how to cut so that's what we did most of the time. It was so fun! I've never felt so comfortable with complete strangers in my entire life.

Brother M------- and I had a long talk on his back porch last night as he was going out to feed his goats and we were leaving from correlation and dinner. He was just talking about the land he's on and his animals and I was getting so choked up. At the end we were just looking out at his land and I said, "This is about the prettiest country in the whole world." And he just smiles and said, "Yeah, it's pretty good isn't it," and gives me this smile I'll never forget. I get teary eyed----this place, these people. I'm so in love.

I had an amazing interview with President Salisbury last week.  He gave me great advice, and I think the support he gave me, paired with the prayers going up for me helped to make this such a happy week.  He also said that he feels like I have more to do here in Bluefield, and he’s going to do everything in his power to keep me here another transfer.  I want that so much.

I love “the mission field.” Tons of people wear jeans to church here, and once in a while someone will have to go out to smoke, and people just love everyone. There was a young man at church yesterday who got baptized maybe three years ago and just barely is deciding to try coming back. He came to church looking kind of rough and to watch the ward just embrace this kid (literally embrace him too--every time I saw him someone was hugging on him) was so beautiful. That's what Christ would be doing. It has been interesting to be out here and have a real feel for what is cultural about Mormons and what it doctrinal. There's ALOT that is just cultural. I think it's been good for me because that culture isn't as strong out here, and it leaves the pure gospel for me to see, and that has strengthened my testimony. It makes it so good for investigators too.  Did I mention that I love it here?

The Beginning

Getting the vat up to 145 degrees

Scalding the hair off

Scraping the hair



Elder Tullis and I

Uh, Creepy


Brother M------- showing us how to cut

More cutting--the sausage we made was delicious!

My throat!

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