Monday, March 9, 2015

We Walked for Miles. . .Uphill. . .in the Snow. . .


We finally get to email! We walked through the snow yesterday to get to the library and it was CLOSED! We have about 14 inches of snow right now.... but it seems a lot worse than that because people in the East don't deal well with snow! Church was cancelled on Sunday which literally made me cry because I look forward to church and seeing everyone so much. We're supposed to get more today, and it's currently starting to snow, so we'll see.

Sunday night all our plans had fallen through and it was kind of bad weather, so we're like, “Well, what now?” I then had one of the strongest impressions I've EVER had to go see someone. Like, it was pretty much words. So we go to see this investigator that we haven't been able to get in contact with in FOREVER. She hasn't answered texts and all our appointments with her have fallen through so we had no idea what was up with her. So anyway, we go over and she just yells to us to come on in. (People do that all the time here. It gets sketchy when you're just tracting and you have no idea who is inviting you in!) 

So we come in and sit down and she just kind of lets it all out to us. I can't go into detail, but it was probably one of the most emotional talks I've ever had with someone. I think I really felt what if feels like to keep my baptismal covenants and "mourn with those that mourn." My heart just broke for her and with her. So we shared a BEAUTIFUL quote that Sister Snyder gave me once about the atonement and healing and after she said, “God always knows when to send you girls to me. Thank you so much for just listening, you have no idea how much I needed that.” And then we planned a time to go back. Miracles are happening. I love it here so much.

Fun Fact: Around here they don't call it "plowing" or "shoveling," they call it "scraping." People don't sit "on" the floor they sit "in" the floor, or you drop something "in" the floor. 
I'd reckon I be talkin’ like a Southern girl whenever I get back to y'all! (They also say "whenever” pretty much in every place that we would say "when.")

"Busin' for Jesus" Courtesy of Elder Powell

Maybe gang signs, or maybe WV

Thought you would appreciate this classic Darcy look

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