Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Everything is Perfect


I WILL BE SERVING MY NEXT TRANSFER WITH SISTER REED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Reed, my MTC companion!  I am happy out of my mind. I can't even express it!!!! THIS is why I was staying another transfer. Sister Reed was there with me when I started my mission and we'll end it together! She was there for so much!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!! It's ridiculous! Everything is PERFECT. God gave me every single thing I wanted AND MORE!!!!! I literally don't think I've ever been this happy!!!!!!!!!!

Because Sister Reed has served here already, we will be able to just hit the ground running and we will be able to skip all the weird introductions and... AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!! I can hardly sit still or think or anything! I'm so excited!!!! Heavenly Father heard my prayers!!!!! And Sister Reed is SUCH a hard worker! We're gonna tear it up! It has been our dream to serve together since the MTC! This doesn't happen! It's like every missionary’s dream to "die" with their MTC companion and I get to!!!!

I have  a SWEET miracle story from last week.  So Sunday night we walk over to shovel out this lady named Sister B----- (she's so awesome by the way, every time she sees a penny she picks it up and says, "In God we trust," and knows that God is thinking about her. Pennies are her butterflies :) ) But anyway, she had to work the next morning and needed help shoveling out, (it was awful, we got a crazy ice storm and shoveling ice is HARD!) so we went to help her. On our way walking back in the dark, we start to pass two guys, probably about mid-twenties, shoveling a driveway in the darkness. Sister L kinda speeds up a little cause it honestly seemed a little creepy, and you know, two dudes in the dark... kinda creepy. But I get this weird urge to talk to them. I think, "no way, it's dark, and they're creepy," but the urge only gets stronger so we're pretty much past them and I finally kind of turn and I say, "Could y'all use some help?" 

The one with the shovel turns to me.  J----- always says that the eyes of a person will tell you everything about them. Well, the eyes I looked into were kind. Kind and good, and every feeling of doubt about my decision to talk to them was gone. The man was like, "Yeah! actually that would be great!" And he puts out his hand to me and says, "My name's T------." I shake his hand and introduce myself as Sister Lytle and start to explain that we're missionaries and he stops me and says, "From what church??" And I say, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." His eyes light up even more and he's like, "I'm a Mormon!!" After some "no ways!" and "where are you froms?" and what not, we find out that he joined when he was 12, but  since he was 16 he's been pretty less active, but you can feel he still has a fire burning. So anyway, turns out he was shoveling the drive of that home because he and his friend had just bought it and needed a place for the moving truck to pull in (his friend is married and Muslim) and we are going to help them move in, and then he invited us to dinner with him and his roommate and wife and his other friend who is Jewish! He said they all love to talk about the Bible!

I feel like my whole mission has been leading up to me being here in Bluefield and especially this next transfer. I can just feel it! I can feel God's hand in it. I feel like I'll just be set free and be ready to work and miracles will happen!  THIS IS IT!!!!!

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